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An Umbrella Company (like Propeller Pay) is a third-party employer that employs temporary agency contractors. They will take them on as employees to manage their payrolls, tax contributions, national insurance, and other administration to simplify the relationship between the contractor and subcontractor.

An umbrella company employs temporary agency contractors. For a small cost, we are able to take care of your payroll and other admin, which allows you to focus on the most important tasks. It’s so simple – you complete the work for the client and submit your timesheet, we will pay you weekly once your timesheet has been approved. We will deal with invoicing the client. Easy

CIS stands for Construction Industry Scheme. It is a series of rules created by HMRC to prevent tax evasion in the construction industry.

You can check whether the rules apply to you on the gov.uk website:  Check employment status for tax – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

However, you are likely to need to pay IR35 if:

  • You provide services through an intermediary
  • You receive services from a worker through their intermediary
  • Or, you are an agency providing workers’ services through their intermediary

Propeller Pay is IR35 compliant and… will manage these transactions for you.

Propeller Pay

Any payslip related queries including deductions, pensions, holiday pay, commission, Or if you haven’t received expected funds, Or Propeller Pay Portal access issues.


Any timesheet related queries including approval, IT/ Portal issues, to reset your password or Expenses related questions.

0207 175 1177timesheets@my1ps.com

Your agency consultant

Any placement queries, to discuss pay rate, contract related questions.


We are able to let you know what your tax means but if you need an amended tax code you’ll need to give HMRC a call on 0300 200 3300

The pension scheme we use is Nest Pensions, for any queries regarding pensions please contact them through your Nest account or call them at 0300 020 0090.


A P60 is a document showing your statement of earnings for the tax year. This is created at the start of the tax year (5th April, the 6th). If you are not employed by us at the time of year-end you will not have a P60 produced.

We use your P45 to correctly assign your tax code and stop the risk of you over/under paying tax. Your P45 is only eligible if it is dated past the 6th April of the tax year you are currently in and as long as it was your last employer. Do not worry if you don’t have a P45, our registration forms will ask you all the right questions to assign your tax code.

Yes, as an employee of an umbrella company, you will be eligible.

As long as this has been cleared by the client, you may need to discuss this with your hiring manager, we will be able to process expense payments.

A Key Information Document is a clear and transparent statement of your working assignments. The document’s purpose is to demonstrate to workers how a proposed rate of pay is affected by fees and deductions made through the supply chain.

Payslip Questions:

Submit your timesheet, the agency will then go chase the client for approval. Via PP you’ll receive your weekly pay with the necessary tax and fees deducted.

We always pay a week in hand. As long as your timesheet has had approval before the payroll cut-off (Tuesday 1pm) you will be paid on Fridays before 5:30pm

We’d be more than happy to provide this for you, if you just email over to info@propellerpay.co.uk your expected hours and hourly rate and we will get this created for you.

Your deductions from Propeller Pay will include employment costs, Employer’s NI and Employee’s NI, Apprenticeship Levy and a flat fee based on benefit package chosen.

We charge a flat fee based on the benefits packages for processing the wages, submissions to HMRC and insurance per timesheet.

Yes! You can change your package in the early stages. Just contact info@propellerpay.co.uk to do this.

If you have submitted 6 hours or less your administration fee will be waived.

HMRC uses Emergency Tax Codes when they do not have sufficient information to generate a formal tax code.

As an employee of an umbrella company, you will be taxed in line with the same tax bands as all other employees in the UK. The tax bands are based on total annual income.

In the rare event you haven’t been paid, please make sure to first check if your timesheet was approved by the deadline (Midday Tuesdays) if this has been approved please get in touch so we can support you in resolving this.

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