What is an Umbrella Company?

An umbrella employs temporary agency contractors. For example, Propeller Pay will act as a third party and take you on as an employee to manage your payroll, tax contributions, and other admin to make things easier between you and your clients.

Why should I join Propellor Pay?

Let’s break down the benefits.


At a simple price (a flat fee of £20 a week), we keep your payments simple and compliant to make sure you get paid as efficiently as possible.


As our employee, we’ll have you covered. You’ll get full employment rights, such as being part of a pension scheme and receiving statutory payments for leave or holiday pay. We’ll ensure legal compliance by following government guidelines and through internal checks and measures.


With our skills and experience, we can take away the stress of managing your contributions by yourself. We’re IR35 compliant, and while you can switch around agencies or clients, being our full-time employee could mean you get better access to certain mortgages or loans.